Nspect Home Inspections

Currently covering Shenandoah, Frederick, Clark, Warren, Page and Rockingham and surrounding counties, however if you are in Virginia, I can help you! Call for more info. Currently I do not perform inspections in West Virginia and Maryland due to licensing restrictions.

What We Can Do

Buying A Home

Buying a home? Building a home? First time owning a home? You need to know what you have!

Selling A Home?

Want to maximize the value of your home? Find out what to do before a potential buyer ever sees your home..

Maintain Your Home

Already have a home? Great, now what? Find out how we can help you maintain your home. It’s easier than you think!

Useful Info

I have a septic system? No public water? Find useful information about this and many other topics.

Our Bottom Line

What does it cost?
Determining the cost of an inspection, while not rocket science, is affected by many factors of the home. Size of the home and number of components to dig into are the major factors. I do not price inspections by the cost of the home. Generally speaking, an 1800 sq.ft. home is the same inspection time regardless of the value of the house. I don’t believe in charging more just because you can pay more. Keep in mind, as with anything, you get what you pay for.

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The Good And The Bad

Thank you Greg for our home inspection. The whole process from beginning to end was great. You take great pride in what you do and it shows! You were thorough, informative, professional, pleasant, courteous, educational, approachable, straight forward and knowledgeable. And you also had a sense of humor….concerning the snake skin! I will be on the look out for that one or any of it’s friends!

The detailed home inspection report was very easy to read, your response time to emails were quick and the links you provided will be very helpful. I appreciate the home maintenance manual that you gave me…it will be a source of great information. Also it is great to know you are available if I have any further questions. I do not have any negative things add.

Buying a home is a major investment and we appreciate the time and detailed information that you provided us. Dan and I will definitely recommend you and your company NSpect Home Inspections

Vicki and Dan Sheehan