Buyers Inspections

Congratulations! You have decided to buy a home. Whether this is your first home, or one of many, you definitely need an inspection. An inspection is a small investment to gain peace of mind regarding your decision. While it is great to think no one would sell a house with major defects, it happens. Many, if not most, homeowners don’t know the conditions exist. If they don’t know, chances are the only way it is identified is with a quality inspection. Purchasing a home is no different than any other purchase like, say, a car, truck, or appliance, except that the home is a much more costly purchase and repairs can be equally more expensive. You don’t buy a car, truck or appliance without doing some research, You check reviews, you look under the hood, you kick the tires, you check repair bills if available, even checking for online reports from an independent company. Often, someone will take the car or truck to their favorite mechanic to “give it a look over” to make sure it is a sound vehicle. You absolutely should give the same consideration to the major purchase of a home. 

Our Buyer’s inspections are thorough from the roof to the ground and beyond including basement and/or crawlspace. Yes, those nasty, dirty, often spider infested areas below the house are examined. The attic is inspected as well. Every nook and cranny possible is inspected. Photos are taken and included in the report. Reports are delivered electronically within 24 hours. This allows some time should there be a item that needs a bit of research in order to provide you with the most accurate information possible. 

A home inspection is in no way a warranty of the condition or future condition of the home. It is a visual inspection of the current condition of the house. Current defects, issues, problems are identified and what could possibly happen if not repaired. 

 What to expect during the inspection

First of all, be there if at all possible. It is our desire that you attend and interact as we look at the house. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the house and how the various systems function. Do not let anyone convince you that you do not, or should not attend. Scheduling for you to be there may be difficult, however we can arrange a day that is suitable for you. After all, you are paying for this and it should be scheduled during the best time for you, even if that means weekends and evenings, depending on the season.

Dress accordingly. It may be very hot, or very cold. Not all homes have temperatures set to a comfortable level. A good portion of the inspection is on the exterior of the home, so dress to walk along if desired.

Inspection time can vary from 3 hours and up. A good inspection may take 3 hours. A great inspection takes as long as you need in order to fully understand the issues and have your questions answered. 

Leave the nasties to the inspector. You don’t need to enter the crawlspace or any place you feel uncomfortable. We will take care of that for you and recap with you afterwards. While you may be tempted to climb a ladder and explore the roof, keeping your feet on the ground is expected. Besides, one person falling off a roof is enough. 

Questions? You can expect to have them all answered. So please feel free to ask! If there are areas you don’t understand, write them down and we will go deeper when we get to them. This will help the flow of the inspection and keep us on task. Just make sure all your questions are addressed. 

Recap. At the conclusion of the inspection, we will stop and do a quick recap of what was found. While this is not an entire report, you will have an idea of the major issues, if any, discovered. The final report should be in your hands within 24 hours following the inspection.  

Payment is due following the conclusion of the inspection. Unless there are unexpected components to inspect, the price quoted to you won’t change. If there are going to be changes, you will be notified at the beginning of the inspection. Prices quoted to you while setting the appointment are discounted for cash or check payment. Credit/debit payments are accepted and processed at the home. When setting your appointment, let us know if that is your preferred method, so we can quote you the correct price. 

Your report will be sent to you electronically by email in PDF form. If you prefer it can be posted online for you to review as well. Printed copies are available for an additional charge. The typical report is about 50 pages front and back. Please let us know if you desire a written report so we can arrange delivery.