Nspect Home Inspections is owned and operated by Greg Neff, CPI, a lifelong resident of the Strasburg area of Shenandoah County and is InterNACI certifed. . In the span of the 36 years of my working life, I spent the first 10 years in various types of construction, most of which was spent working in many of the homes in and around the Strasburg area. Most if not all that I know about the types of homes, the various styles of construction, and the quality of construction was learned hands on. Quality was at the forefront of the work we did, and it is the driving force behind the inspections I perform. You deserve nothing less than the very best inspection I can give you, and I go to great lengths to do just that.

I spent most of my “child rearing” years working in retail, working all shifts, weekends and holidays. Again, quality was key in my journey through that world. Which brings us to present day. My decision to venture in to this business was based on many factors. I had spent my share of time sacrificing family functions, missing birthdays, and trying to work around a very trying schedule. I wanted something flexible enough to allow me the time with my children and grandchildren and still take care of business. I also wanted a career that I was in control of in terms of how it was operated. Of course there are state and national guidelines that I have to adhere to, however the standards I hold myself and my inspections to go beyond the standards.

Finally, I wanted to be in a position to make a difference. So many people have very little knowledge regarding the home, how the various systems work, how to maintain them and whatever that thing-a-ma-bob is. I love taking time to educate, not just inform. First time home buyers need not only the input of a quality inspection, but also the knowledge that can be shared while in the home. Knowledge they need in order to manage the systems. Many folks have never owned a house with a private well or septic system. Two very important items that very few truly know about. After all, what good is knowledge if it is never shared?

In addition to my prior experience, I have taken formal training. My official training was with the American Home Inspectors Training institute, one of the most respected names in the industry. In addition to my formal training, I belong to InterNACHI, the largest inspector organization, spanning the world with membership. My membership with them requires continuing education, annual testing and high inspection ethics. They are also a valuable resource for those occasional items that may catch me with a bit of missing knowledge. Yes, you read that correctly. I do from time to time come across items in the home that I cannot explain. In those events, you will know it. No, bluffing my way through. If I don’t know, I will tell you, but I will get the answer for you, and we both learn from it.

 The Strasburg area is well known for it’s love and support of the sports program of the local high school. As a student, I participated, as did my wife. My children were active in several areas as well. Through the years of our children participating, it was easy to see how much the programs depend on community support, both financially and physically. It is said this town bleeds purple, and nothing could be more true. However it takes green to keep that blood flowing. That tradition of support continues today. It is our belief that the children, grandchildren and family of the clients that support me deserve the same support and opportunity that my family enjoyed through the years. Nspect is proud to be a supporter of the Ram Athletic Association.