Selling A Home

Selling Your Home? Why Inspect It?

Okay, you have decided to sell your home. You have your agent, the house is listed and you are waiting for the offers to come pouring in. Pick the best offer and the deal is done, right? Well, maybe. There are the 10 or so days after the offer that tends to throw a wrench in the works. That is how long is typically allowed for a home inspection to occur if (and they should) the buyer has requested a home inspection. Depending on the results of the inspection, they buyer may or may not withdraw the offer, request repairs to be made, or offer a lower price for the house. You then have a choice of how you wish to proceed. Let the buyer walk and wait for the next buyer, ten days, issues, stress, pressure, disappointment, repair the issues found, or adjust the price of the home accordingly. Well, that’s the norm for the industry and just how the real estate transaction typically works right? Well, yes. It doesn’t have to though. If you could possibly avoid all those issues after the offer has been made on your home, wouldn’t it be worth it? If you could know what issues might show up during the inspection, address them, and make the whole process easier and less stressful, why not do it? Having your home inspected prior to or during the listing process offers some major advantages.

We inspect your home the same as a buyer’s inspection. You are present, walking along and are a valuable resource to the inspector. You know your home, the repairs that have been performed, dates, ages and can provide valuable information that is not normally available during a buyer’s inspection. You get to see your house through the eyes of an unbiased third party.

Your agent can list your house as pre-inspected. This shows potential buyers that you are serious about selling your home, and confident in the condition of the house. You can, if you desire, provide a copy of the inspection report to potential buyers so they know any issues that may exist, whether you repaired them or if you left them as is.

Nothing is hidden. You are offering full disclosure of everything in the house, leaving few, if any surprises to be discovered later. This affords your buyers the opportunity to make the best offer based on the known issues in the home. You are also in a better position to correctly price your home based on what we discover and if you choose to repair them. Better price, better offer. Getting smoother already!

Avoid the buyer’s inspection? While nothing is guaranteed, a great in depth and detailed inspection can possibly eliminate the buyer’s inspection. And even if one is performed, there should be nothing you are not aware of. Can you feel the stress level decreasing?

Want to take it a step further? Consider a Move in Certified™ inspection. Same great inspection with a few more bells and whistles. The report is loaded to the web for any potential buyer to look at. Repairs needed with the initial inspection are added to the report to assure potential buyers that you are serious about the condition of your home. Your statements, along with the inspection states that the house is move in ready! For more information check it out!

Move in Certified™

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